Having a website continually go down can be extremely disruptive to your business practices. It can cost you customers, create unpleasant user experiences and even crash your entire online infrastructure. There are several reasons why a website will go down, some of them can be considered your responsibility, while others can be considered the responsibility of your hosting provider. Ensuring that you have the proper website configuration is required to keep your website online and operating at peak performance.

What Happens When it Crashes?

Understanding exactly what happens when the website crashes will help you determine how to fix these persistent issues. Is there any error messages presented when you attempt to reach your website? What do the server logs show? Are there available resources on your hosting account?

The most common reason for any website crash is expending all available resources. This typically happens when there is either an issue in the code of the website that causes memory leaks, or insufficient memory dumps. It can also occur simply by having too many external connections to your server. For example, if you recently launched a website on a shared hosting plan and it immediately went viral, it may have been flooded by connections and overloaded your shared hosting plans capacity. This means that you will require HiPerf virtual private servers to keep your website online.

Typically, You Need More Resources

Your hosting plan operates much like your personal computer. It has CPU, RAM and storage. Each of these are precious resources that must be adequately managed to keep your website online. Additionally, you must also be aware of your bandwidth – a type of resource unique to web hosting servers. Bandwidth is a term that describes the transfer of data from your server to the user’s computer. The more users that visit your website, the more bandwidth will be used. This is the most common cause for a crash – there is no more bandwidth allowed. While some crashes can be caused due to coding, insufficient resources is by far the most common reason for a crash.

If too many people visit your website, it will crash if there are not enough resources available. The easiest way to fix this is to upgrade your hosting solution to a virtual private server from http://www.tektonic.net/ . Depending on the plan you choose, you will dramatically increase the number of resources available to you. Some plans, such as those that utilize cloud computing technologies, will allow you to adjust your resources as needed. This means that you will never have to pay for what you do not need.