When it comes to finding the best Internet deals you want a provider that offers top speed and great service. But several factors can slow down your connection when you need it the most. Here are four of the most common reasons why your Internet connection may periodically slow down.

Rush Hour Traffic Online
When everyone wants to be on the road at the same time there are bound to be delays. The same applies to the Internet. If a popular website attracts a lot of attention, there are bound to be times when cruising slows down to a stall. Online traffic jams are not limited only to websites – the bandwidth that you share with your family might not be capable of handling multiple computers and cable accessing the Internet all at the same time. While you can’t change traffic to a site, you can purchase more bandwidth to accommodate for many users and devices.

Server Speed
Just like you can’t change the attraction to a certain website, you can’t change the speed of a site’s server. Sometimes websites just move slow. Graphic-heavy sites are always suspects. However, a website server is not the only one your computer interacts with. Your Internet provider will have multiple servers to let traffic flow. Large companies, such as Comcast, provide connections for large geographical areas, so server locations might not be a big deal. When looking at Internet deals, ask about their server speeds and see if you can get the results of a speed test to verify.

Bandwidth Limits
Most Internet providers limit the amount of bandwidth available for a customer. However, if you have multiple computers in a particular location or you download a lot of files, you’ll need more bandwidth to let it through. If your connection cannot handle the amount of data being downloaded, your Internet speed will slow, turning a quick download into a long ordeal. You can ask your Internet provider about adding more bandwidth to speed up your download speeds. Other companies may cut off your Internet usage all together when your bandwidth limit is stretched, causing more problems, though this is rare.

Your Computer
Internet deals can’t turn your computer into a speed demon if it’s several years old or in need of a tune up. Several factors affect your Internet speed when it comes to hardware, so before you accuse a network or connection of being slow, take a look at your computer and make sure it’s capable of speedy web access. If you have a relatively new device, consider clearing your cookies and Internet cache and running a virus scan. Once you clear unnecessary files from your computer, speed usually picks up. However, if this doesn’t help, call a professional.

More factors may slow down your speed, but these are the most likely culprits. Before you start looking for a new company, work your way from your computer in. Once your computer can handle being your virtual surfboard, you’ll be speeding through cyberspace in no time flat.