All common printers like inkjet and laser printers have indispensable yet replaceable parts called the cartridge, which however uses different substances for different printers. In laser printers toner cartridge works whereas in inkjet printers ink cartridges.

Ink and toner cartridges; however have the same working principle. They work well with optimum quantities of ink or toner, if the level goes down it causes heating of the metal plate and the rollers that paste them on paper. If ink goes dry, the ink reservoirs need cleaning. Isopropyl alcohol is the best available solvent for dry ink. Fresh ink or toner is poured and printing is resumed. HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Brother, Dell, Samsung, Advent, Oki etc are popular brands of printers that come with innovative printing techniques and good consumer guidance at reasonable prices. is one of the best sites to look for and buy good quality cartridges.

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