So you receive a PDF form sent by a company and now you wanted to add comments or annotation on the material or signature on the contract or on the proposal. Did this already happen to you? Have you ever been depressed in getting through these tasks? Well, you are not alone. I, myself, even thought of the process of pdf editor mac like what we usually do in Word Processors. But the fact is that it is a non-editable format.

Anyway, after so many times of testing products and searching for the right software that will help, I’ve accumulated some knowledge in using such software.

Based on what I’ve learned, these applications can be divided into three different types. Depending on its functional emphasis, it could be a PDF reader, os x pdf editoror PDF reader.Bottom line is that for different purposes, the functional requirements are not the same when it comes to editing PDF text on Mac. Therefore, it is your job to find the right application or the best pdf editor for mac that will help you accomplish the task without creating a whole on your pocket.It is your job to make the wisest decision.