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Transform a PS2 Controller in order to USB

For those who have a Ps 2 online game console but additionally play lots of video games on your pc, it’s convenient to maintain the exact same controller configuration for every. This is the reason why some users opt for their Ps 2 controllers on the computers. While impossible by it, there is really a small adapter you can purchase that will help you to plug your own PlayStation two controller straight into any open up USB port on your pc. Use this short article as helpful information to do that.

Plug the finish of your own PS2 controller into the USB Controller adapter. The actual adapter by itself has 3 input plug-ins: Two PS2 controller enter ports are utilized for insert in controllers;
another, a HARDWARE output, employed for plugging the actual controller into your pc. Plug the actual USB end from the device right into a USB port on your pc.

Plug your own PS2 controller into among the controller inputs about the PS2 in order to USB gadget. There is going to be two—one with regard to player 1, one with regard to player 2 in multiplayer online game setting. If you are using just one controller, plug it into the input tagged “Player 1.” You’re now prepared to use your own PS2 controller in order to play games on your pc.
PS2 controller hardware adapter Explanation:
Support all of the vibration types
Compatible along with Win95/98/ME/2000/XP with the DirectX 7. 0a or even above
Twin PS/PS2 In order to PC HARDWARE Controller Converter
Convert all of the PSX controller to become used upon PC


You don’t need to use additional unfamiliar joystick as well as say absolutely no excuses about the joystick. This supports Twin player video games (Win95/98/ME/2000/XP), Actual Vibration, even typically the most popular DDR dance controller
Support all the buttons in your PSX controller
Actual Vibration suggestions function
Each Digital as well as Analog settings are available
Easy and simple to use – merely hot-plug the actual PC HARDWARE socket as well as install the actual driver, after that it functions perfectly
I had been expecting this to create my Ps2 controllers not just like they are on the Ps2, however it was ideal. THIS IS A SUPERB MONEY SAVER!!! You are able to just connect a Ps2 Cellular controller for this! It’s wonderful!