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Frugal Christmas gift ideas in 2013

Christmas is the time for celebration and exchanging gifts with the loved ones. In this tough economic situation, most of the people are trying to save their pocket while giving gifts to their loved ones.

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Techie Father’s Day Gifts

The traditional gifts that are usually bestowed upon fathers on Father’s Day are no longer good enough. After all, in this age of innovation, why would a techie dad want to receive a tie or grill set once again? Thankfully, the gifts listed below are perfect for the techie dad. Choosing any of them will ensure dad has a great Father’s Day this year:

Logitech FabricSking Keyboard:
Every tech-loving dad needs a case to go along with his iPad. This keyboard case combo comes complete with full-sized keys. Strategically placed magnets successfully hold the iPod upright or flat depending on the user’s preference, so the dad who loves internet technology has easy access to the web while using his iPad. A liquid-repellent coating makes the inside and outside of the fabric case liquid resistant.

CooKoo watch:
CooKoo is a smart watch, which alerts wearers to texts, Twitter mentions, missed or incoming calls. It also sends reminders of upcoming appointments. For dads who have iPhones, the watch even alerts them when they accidentally leave their iPhone behind. Additional features include the ability to control an iPhone camera allowing dad to set up and take photos from across a room.

InnergiePocketCell Duo:
This product is a USB rechargeable battery for smartphone and tablet users. A LED indicator with five-levels reveals a device’s remaining power. The technology within the InnergiePoketCell Duo charges more mobile devices than regular chargers. The device contains 21W output power and 6,800mAh of power capacity. In simple terms, this means dad can simultaneously recharge two tablets using a USB charge post. This is the perfect gift for the dad who is constantly on the go.

Logitech Harmony Ultimate remote control:
All dads love remote controls, and this remote makes all others look simplistic. The Harmony Ultimate is the perfect addition to a great man cave. This remote can control up to 15 devices and features a customizable touch screen showcasing 50 of dad’s favorite channels. Dads can sync Android and iPhones with the remote thus making them an additional controller.

BelkinWeMo Switch and Motion:
When appliances are plugged into this switch, it can then be controlled via smartphone. Any appliance such as lamps, coffeemakers or air conditioners can be set on timers to turn on or off automatically. The Switch and Motion can also be set up for motion detection use. There are several practical uses for this product. Examples include setting a sprinkler system to come on automatically when the temperature reaches 80 degrees outside. It can also be used as a burglar deterrent as the BelkinWeMo Switch and Motion can alert dad if there is any movement within his home while he is away. Suffice it to say, this one product will allow dad the luxury of an automated home.

Waterfield Indy Bag:
Although this item is not techie itself, it presents a way to carry around the many gadgets that techie dads typically possess. This bag was named one of the 12 best laptop bags for mobile professionals, making it the perfect gift for any gadget-toting dad.

Pivothead HD Recording Glasses:
This is a different gift that a techie dad will love. These glasses come complete with a 8 MP camera that captures time-lapse shots, still photos or HD video. Dads can wear these glasses to the game to record some of the action or wear them while golfing to prove to his buddies that he did in fact make that incredible shot.

Any of the above gadgets will make a perfect gift for the techie dad this Father’s Day. Dads who love internet technology will love the above products as many of them make using a laptop, tablet or smartphone easier.

This article was submitted by Lewis Jacobs, an avid blogger and tech enthusiast.  He enjoys fixing computers and writing about internet trends.  Currently he is writing about an internet in my area campaign for local providers.

Best Christmas Gifts for Moms in 2012

Mothers always show love, care, and tender to their kids, which is why every child wants to make every day of his mother worthwhile and full of love. Various days are celebrated around the globe to show love and concern for mothers. You will notice celebrations on special days in different corners of the world. However, the passion to celebrate Christmas is almost the same. Everyone pays special attention towards buying unique gifts for each other to make the day more special and memorable. If you are also looking for the gift items to present them to your mother on this Christmas, then you must consider buying any of the followings as gift:

Recipe Glass Cocktail Shaker

To present kitchen utensils to mother can be the best gift, as such, items can help her in daily routine activities. You can buy various kitchen items for your mom depending upon your budget. One of the best item that can be presented as gift is Recipe Glass Cocktail Shaker. This shaker is made up of hand-blown glass, which increases its alluring looks. Your mom can make three drinks with ease by using this shaker. The best part is that this shaker is available for $35, which is quite economical.


If you have a tech savvy mom, who is working in the professional world, then you can buy a laptop for her. This gadget will help her in her official tasks. Moreover, she will be connected with you if she will go to any other city or country for any official meeting. However, in case, your mom has already a laptop then you can buy a laptop insurance policy for her laptop. Many reliable and professional online insurance companies like Protect your bubble are available for providing insurance services these days.

Thumper Mini Pro 2 Massager

If you are so much concern about the tiredness of your mom then you can gift her Thumper Mini Pro 2 Massager. It will cost you only $190 but will relax all muscles of your mom efficiently. This massager is light in weight and your mom can carry it anywhere she wants. The best part is that she can set the massager as per her need, because it has three power settings, which will define how many thumbs she wants per second for relaxation. Moreover, the long handle of the massager will help your mom to massage the areas where her hand cannot reach easily.

Relax Chaise

If you want something to add in your mom’s bedroom on the eve of Christmas then buying a relax chaise will be the best option to consider. Due to its stylish looks, it will add beauty to your mom’s room. Moreover, it can be the best gift for mom because of its comfort and uniqueness. Spend only $500 to buy an amazing gift for your mom on this Christmas.

Author Bio:

This guest post is written by Muhammad Azam who is a technology blogger and freelance writer. He has published many guest posts across the web and also writes as a freelancer for some respected brands in the UK such as http://uk.protectyourbubble.com. Protect your bubble specialise in gadget insurance and are UK’s leading insurer of mobile phones.